tom s went away

trying to listen to my soundclick station, and all tom s’s songs went away. went to his page, and his page couldn’t be found. what’s up?

they are doing updates to administration, and most likely just a temp. glitch.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Nov. 15 2008, 6:51 PM)

they are doing updates to administration, and most likely just a temp. glitch.

I'm sure tom loves that!

I'm getting a bunch of problems.
If there going to update they shouldn't screw it up.
I'm making a push now, don't need any problems with the site, it's hard enough as it is.
I think there's more going on over there than meets the eye. Thats to bad, they have some great tools!
Maybe they'll make it better????
:laugh: You don't suppose they p'ed him off? Or he P'ed them off? Na
Hope he wasn't taking my advice and settng up a store and broke his site while doing it, darn I would hate that!
:laugh: Maybe he was trying to brake mine, and broke his by mistake!
I guess somehow that explains the weirdness that I'm getting over there. Well not really my problems have been stretched over time.

It’s true, I did a search for him there! That is to bad! Sorry Tom it’s not a joking matter really. Was just trying to cheer myself up a little. I’m having problems there to so don’t feel like the long stranger. But you had a bunch of songs uploaded! Hoping they all show up ok!!! :agree:

Hmm. Dunno what happened. Curious. Well, I’m not posting ALL of those over again. :disagree:

maybe you overloaded them Tom with the million or so songs… :laugh:

I don’t think Lennon and McCartney wrote that many over their entire careers!! :agree:

You know, it was something that Sir Paul once said in an interview that made me write a lot - something about writign 100 songs, and one of them is bound to be good.

I think of it like Escher - lots of variations on a basic theme or two, seeing where they go.