Drum recordings

Well, I spent my summer vacation, which coincided with the disappreance of this board, recording Irish pennywhistle and bodhran (sp?) music, and working on recording drum kits too. Aside from that Led Zep song that everyone says is the greatest drum sound ever, what recordings stand out in your mind for great drum sounds? :)

The Police, but I attribute that more to Stewart than the engineer. Pesonally I think the Led Zep drums sound like poo, Bonham is great, but the drums sound yucko to me. Good well engineered drums look to

Terje Rypdal: Skywards
Bill Frissell: Gone Like a Train
Ry Cooder: Mambo Sinuendo
Sting: Sacred Love (It shows how sequences and live can work together extremely well. Layering the live kick with samples etc.)
Michael Buble: Both records

Hey Tom - welcome back!

You’ve got the spelling right. I also play a little pennywhistle but I’m very rusty now.

I got really into (new) Irish music back in the 70’s - Planxty, the Bothy Band, Clannad, etc. I learned alot of fiddle tunes on my mando & played in a traditional contra-dance band for a while. In fact, I just broke out my Irish music recently - it still moves me as much as it used to do.

Hey Bubba - Copeland is always at the top of my list, and from reading stuff elsewhere I understand that what you say is right - it’s him, not the set. Rypdal and Buble are new ones for me, I’m going to check them out, thanks very much for the suggestion!

Hey Mike! We’ve been listening to field recordings, stuff my wife dug up - she’s a flutist, and has always loved Irish stuff, and bought herself a Shaw pennywhistle from Lark in the Morning as a sort of treat. What an astonishingly beautiful sound it makes. One thing that’s very interesting - much of the notated stuff out there doesn’t match what people in the aural tradition actually play. Ornaments and even basic rythms are just not easily notatable. Lovely stuff.

You guys know Copeland got kicked out of the (new) Doors.

Jimmy chamberlin on the Smashing Pumpkin’s Siamese Dream sounds nice…then again, everything he’s played sounds nice.

Who’s Next

–Some Girls (Stones album)
–Fragile (Yes album)
–All Shook Up (Cheap Trick album)

…all good natural drum sounds.

Let me think a while.

Bonham is a bit odd because the drummer makes the sound in many cases, like Bill Bruford’s snare. Sometimes the drums sound good in the song or they sound good because of what the drummer is playing in spite of otherwise average recording.

I find that what is a good generic drum sound to my ears ends up sounding like samples out of context. I’m not sure that’s what a good drum sound should be. It’s a bit of a dilemma.

All great suggestions. Teryeah, you ever listen to any of the out takes and instrumental beds for some of the Who stuff from the 60’s? Good gracious there was some righteous production there. :)

Concerning Cheap Trick, I have always thought Carlos was a great drummer. He gets a great sound, and always plays muscially.

I really like Mitch Mitchell’s drum sound. But I liked Ringo’s sound too.

There are so many great drum sounds, it’s hard to pick.

My favorite drummer is Jim Keltner. I love his sound also.

Jim Keltner?

Ah Tom, where have you been all these years - Keltner?

OH, you mean Jim Kelnter, of course.


Quote (TomS @ Sep. 09 2004,17:53)
OH, you mean Jim Kelnter, of course.


Wow, I was gonna say... That's like not knowing who Les Paul or BB King is and playing guitar. But the album I suggested, Mambo Sinuendo by Ry Cooder is a Keltner record. Keltner, Copeland, Blade, and Vinnie are my favorites.

Les who?


Don’t think my ignorance can’t extend that far! :)

Tom, what Who outtakes did you have in mind ?

Check out Steve Earle’s “Transcendental Blues”. Thats the drum sound I always have in my head :)

There’s a pile of extra Who stuff on the Deluxe double CD releases of Live at Leeds, Who’s Next, and Tommy. I recommend all three for the true Who fan.