Jon Hiseman, formerly of Colliseum.

(He was the drummer who took over from Ginger Baker in John Mayall’s band when he left to form Cream)

Listen to Valentine Suite, especially towards the end of the piece where the drums are put through a phaser, very interesting effect.

But, if you want to hear a technically imperfect and not very well recorded piece of live drumming, listen to the Time Machine, also by Jon Hiseman and Colliseum.

It’s guaranteed to blow your socks off. :)


Stuff that was not released in the 30 Years Of Maximum R&B box set ? I have too much bootleg Who material to keep track - it ain’t all that much but still too much, obviously…

Check out Steve Earle's "Transcendental Blues". Thats the drum sound I always have in my head

You can’t talk drums/drummers and NOT bring up Neil Peart! That would be criminal! ALL the RUSH albums…awesome drums.

IMO of course. What can I say? I’m a BIG Rush fan.


Eh, watch Peart struggle on the Burning for Buddy video. :D duck

Quote (Bubbagump @ Sep. 10 2004,15:32)
Eh, watch Peart struggle on the Burning for Buddy video. :D *duck*

Burning for Buddy?? Dangit Bubba! Ya lost me!


Haha! I knew you didn’t know that Neil was simply and Obi Wan in a world of Yodas! Get the video and watch as drummer after drummer schools him. Though, he totally kicks my puny little arse, so I guess I shouldn’t talk. Hee hee. Sorry, I’m a drum nerd. Now Geddy Lee is the man.