Tonights Debate

Bush won hands down!



Ah, the mysteries of the fickle heart.

tay ov da board tupid libs

disclaimer: I’m not the real Limey.

This “Midnight Toker” is a fake. Even stold my avatar.


Removed due to content.

Vut ez koink on hewa.

…dis is fun…de slappers de slippers fakers de fu…sorry…no be vular…be vogue…be vague…

great…now there’s ten of them

It seems some people are having fun with this last crash playing a little game of musical names if you will…tehe

Make’s for intertesting reading on the crapper! tehe
Ok let’s put together the local suspects there Mike.
Just before the crash, who was it that just so happened to copy your avatar and put a monkey in the guitar? --suspect number one of course…
And the saga continues…who is the mystery man who has stolen your good name and is now soiling it with idiotic political rantings…what a change of pace for you!..tehe…LMFAO!