Tool bar  disappearance

I accidently hid the play,record ,stop display and cant seem to find it.I did this a couple years ago but am having brain fade now.I use the key board a good bit but would like to get the display back.

View > Transport toolbar (in V5 anyway…)


“Why not whip the teacher when the pupil misbehaves?” - Diogenes of Sinope

Great quote!

I lost my transport too, by using Irfanview to fool around with the colors. So I went to Control Panel, and hit “Add or Remove Programs”, and just removed n-Track! But that’s just me, and I’m just fooling around with n- on my ‘little PC’ for now. My music DAW’s in the shop…

I’ll re-load n-Track again. I’m trying to mess it up good and learn about all this graphics trip on the Home surf-buggy PC, so I can ‘skin’ and all that when the music box gets back with a new motherboard. 'Cause it’s fun to create your own environment! A friend of mine is hooking me up with a mobo and new power supply. Someday, over the rent rainbow… :)

Simple fixes for simple minds.

Quote (291dw @ Nov. 08 2006,21:28)
Simple fixes for simple minds.

Heh-heh... yep, that's me.

Don't get into the instll/uninstall thing too much though; you'll eventually punch holes in your registry, or something like that... mess y'up good.

I need to heed the "Don't do that" rule. Usually do, but as I say, I'm just kicking it around.

Actually, I have found that most problems of this sort can be cured by resetting the preferrences to default.
I will be very happy to see a new manual for the program.

Another vote (again sigh) for the new manual.