Top 10 Requested Song on Israeli Station

2 Songs in the Top 10 in Israel


We are very fortunate to have 2 top ten requested songs, “Your Shofar Call” and “God’s Mighty Hand” on Ispired Faith Broadcasting in Israel at:

You can visit our web site and listen at:

We included some sounds from “The Free Sound Project” On “Your Shofar Call” we used a steam pipe and thunder clap in the beginng for a truely ominous sound. The song finishes with the thunder and gentle rain. We also added a child’s laughter at the end of “Dayenu” to give it a bit of whimsey. The Free Sound Project has even contacted us for a television spot that will be done about them. I think they want the information to show the variety of users.

We are busy working on our second CD and the comments and ideas from the n-Track discussion forums have been invaluable.

Hope you all enjoy our songs.


Hi Beth,

CONGRATS!! I’ll try to give a listen when I get home. Stuck at work now… :(



Well done Beth.
Nice to hear of fellow NTrackers doing well!


Thanks guys for your words of encouragement. When it comes from peers on a forum discussion board it really means a lot.