Top 10 things to tell your liberal friends ....

Top 10 things to tell your liberal friends …

10. Now that you’re a minority, you can get affirmative action.
9. I hear spotted owl is great in a turkey fryer.
8. Your draft notice should be arriving soon in the mail.
7. What do you mean, you’re leaving the country? The new Liberal concentration camps are in North Dakota.
6. Hey, now we can drill for oil in Alaska.
5. I see they’re selling Fahrenheit 911 for 50 cents at Wal-Mart.
4. By the way Dan Rather was set up. Those Air National Guard documents were real and came from Karl Rove.
3. Don’t forget your Bible study classes… they’re mandatory now.
2. I think I saw your name on a list somewhere.

And the #1 is …
How are you going to “secede from the Union?” You have no guns!

AbG :cool:

"They lied !! There are no Latte bars up here !!! "

Quote (Ali bin Gali @ Dec. 04 2004,09:15)
3. Don't forget your Bible study classes... they're mandatory now.

This is the one that scares me the most. :(

I seriously doubt that AbG goes to a Bible study class. If he does, he ignores the contents.