a few issues?

Hi folks.
MIDI vol draw line is eratic.
Regular crashes when splicing parts in the timeline (WAVs inclusive)
MIDI tracks jumping channel tracks when re-loading a tune or accessing fx.

Any thoughts?
Is it just me?


I have seen a few midi issues myself. Nothing I can recreate on demand.
One thing I am doing is creating a midi drum track by dragging in samples from ezdrummer that I have set up as an instrument. I drag them into one midi channel, measure by measure. So I have a bunch of segments back to back. Sometimes a segment seems to get shortened from the end of the measure back to where the last note is. And if I try to restore it out to end of measure and add more notes I have gotten total ntrack crash. No “do you want to send a report” pop up, just ntrack is gone.
Also, I have had my midi track instrument assignment get changed from ezdrummer to izotope ozone for no reason.

Cheers pingcat. When you see the new measure shrink, click on the the previous measure. That seemed to work here.

To add an effect the only way that I see the “list of available effects” is by using the search tool at the top of the effects dialog box. Clicking on any of the tool boxs does nothing on my computer.
Other than that 2553 seems to be a real honey. I’ve been busy and have only tested in areas of nTrack I’m in, as I’m trying to get work done.