Hi TonyR:

That’s interesting…
If I were 25 years younger, I’d think that to be quite common and it wouldn’t bother me in the least…

Is that a hungry cry ?
a Change diaper cry ?
need company cry ?
Too hot or too cold cry ?
A Mum Mum or a Da Da Cry ?
OR a Money Cry ?


Quote: (woxnerw @ Jul. 21 2011, 8:27 PM)

...OR a Money Cry ?

Ultimately, aren't they ALL money cries?

Having made an inference based on the comments, I’m not listening to this. :laugh:

Quote: (TomS @ Jul. 22 2011, 9:28 AM)

Having made an inference based on the comments, I'm not listening to this.

I presume, with that reply you've auditioned that track several times..

The only ones around here that ain't over all of this Is ange and Rob..

My Father had this saying after a few moments of reflecting on hearing the "Song"..


"Long Hours of Repent-ency for Moments of Joy"

Then He'd look at all his Kids and then Walk Away.. :)


Don't take me wrong..
That's a great track, when you're young and growing up..

Well.. :whistle: