Total System Locking

Total System Locking

I bought v5.0 a couple of days ago and installed it on a totally adequate PC running XP Professional. I’ve installed no other programs.

The program will start and sometimes run for a couple of minutes, but at some point quite early in my N-track session, the system will lock and even the Task manager won’t shut it down because it’s apparently still receiving signals from N-Track, and every time I “End Task” another live signal is received that immediately turns to “Not Responding”. I have to switch off at the main power swich (which I’m never happy about!)

I’ve read notes here about “most recent drivers” and “buffering”. Do you reckon those are the answer? :peace:

Wow, you definately have a problem, but we will need more information to really give you much help.
What CPU and video card?
What sound card?
Can you run any other audio program without problems?

I had that problem once before.
In my case it was caused by Reason freezin’ when I tried to rewire it to Ntrack.
When I would try to shut down Reason it wouldn’t let go.
I would revert to the task manager and try to kill “reason.exe” but it would not go away.
Kept giving me a “not responding” message.
I would have to turn off the PC to get it to stop.
Never did get Reason to work.

So, like bax asked…are you running any other audio programs or maybe big plugins?
Does anything weird show up in the “processes” tab on the task manager?


p.s. welcome to the forum…lots of good help here

My PC is a 1.5Mhz Intel, with reasonable RAM and a Soundblaster Live! soundcard, so it’s certainly up to the task.

Formatted the hard drive,
Loaded Windows XP (incl Service Pack 2) AND NOTHING ELSE,
Disabled lots of stuff following a brilliant list from,
Loaded the latest soundcard driver from Driverguide (though it was a 2001 version),
Checked that Windows Media Player seems to work perfectly,

First use was good for 15 mins. Next use siezed after maybe 5. After a couple more start-ups, the program is freezing on the very first instruction I issue, like “File,Open”! Same with every reinstallation of N-track.

What the hell’s going on?????

I am going to assume you have Windows Media Player installed as a part of XP. Does it work? Can you play anything through your sound card?
Do you have a video card or is the video on the motherboard? You say you have plenty of memory, but if the video is on the motherboard it is using some of that memory.
Did you disable system files before you tried Ntrack or after?
Have you checked for the latest update drivers for your various drivers? The soundblaster Life has been a sourse of some problems for audio in the past.
Here is a possable problem - did you download and install the large download of Ntrack? Do you have Net runtime 2 installed? They were not included in the origional installs of Windows XP but as selectable downloads - On the opening page of this site click on System Requirements and lok it over.

Sounds like a driver or another app taking over the soundcard. What format are you running? Using WDM, Asio, MME drivers?

If it’s Asio and continues to lock up try finding an up to date driver (2001 sounds kinds out of date), or you could try using the asio4all driver that works off of your WDM.


Keep us posted as to your results. Someone here will get it figured out (very smart bunch on this here forum, and some of the best folk you’ll ever meet on the net).


Yaz has a good point. When I have had a problem with sound I have sometimes found that MME works when others don’t. Also, ASIO can be a problem if the sound card cannot support it.

Thanks to all respondents - it’s sorted and I’m able and stable! Ashamed to say I don’t know what i did to put it right , but the crux was I discovered an icon the Live! soundcard had put in the Control Panel and it forced me to reload the Creative driver. Thanks again, guys.