How can i make the track 1…sound the first 5 seconds just on left speakers and after the on the right…can you help me?

Setting up a Pan envelope might do it.

switching on the envelope tool will display a line running down the center of your tracks. if set to pan, it will represent the pan position of the tracks. iirc pushing the line up will pan the track left, and pulling the line down will pan the track right. left clicking on the line will create nodes on the line. drag these nodes up or down to create angular slopes in the line. this will allow you to create sudden, fast pans, or slow, gradual pans from one side to the other.



To do exactly as you describe with all left and then all right and no middle ground I would do the following…

Right click on the track and slect Launch External Wave Editor.
In Audacity left click where you want the division of left and right to be. (If you don’t have Audacity for a wave editor you can download it at the FASOFT links)
Under the menu Edit select the Split option.
Pan the top portion hard left.
Pan the bottom portion hard right .
Under the menu File select Export As Wave.
Import this wave into n-Track and voila.

Hope you find this will work for you.


Urscumug, I think what you are descibing is just taking a mono track and splitting it into stereo channels. I think what profeth wants is the sound to move across the stereo image from one side to the other. In that case eman has the answer. Just making sure we are not confusing the issue. Then again, I may have just not understood what you were getting at.


You’re probably right.

I thought profeth was asking how to abruptly move from left to right with no middle at all. Hence my suggestion to split the track and pan one portion to the left with the remainder panned to the right. If I had seen e man’s post before I fired my answer down the pipe I would have seen there was another interpretation. A more likely one.

In future I’ll refresh the thread before adding any reply to save myself embarrassment.

My intention is certainly not to confuse anyone. I appreciate your concern.