Track auto-naming adds space before underline

Build 2312

FYI, I just sent a support request to Flavio with the following comment:

In previous versions, automatic filenaming of recorded tracks used the name of the .sng file with an underline and a sequence number, such as filename_1.wav. With build 2312, I noticed that an extra space appears after the filename and before the underline, such as filename _1.wav. Unless this was intentional and needed for some technical reason, it would be best to follow the previous filenaming behavior. It is confusing to have filename_1.wav and filename _1.wav in the same folder.

Before it is fixed, be on the lookout for what appears to be duplicate track wave filenames. If you customarily immediately rename track wave files, this won’t be a problem for you. But, if you use the auto-naming feature to name takes based on the .sng filename, then you will be seeing files made by the new naming scheme interdispursed with the files made by the prior naming scheme. That can be confusing if you don’t notice the subtle difference of a space appearing before the underline.