Track Bleed even when

soundcard record settings are correct

Problem resolved - See below - Thanks!

I did a search on this and only found the usual (and good) advice to make sure soundcard record settings are set to the input you’re using for the track you’re recording and nothing else. I’m trying to record a vocal track while listening to a previously recorded wav track and I’m getting audio from both recorded on the 2nd track (the vocal track). This just started happening lately. I upgraded to version 4 a few months ago and am still not very familiar with all the settings. I do have all soundcard record inputs/options (including “what you hear” and “Wave”) unchecked and/or muted except for “Line 3” which is the input I’m using on my Audigy Platinum EX breakout box.
I was using ASIO4ALL drivers but switched back to the Audigy drivers hoping that might solve my problem. It didn’t.
Any settings I may have inadvertently changed in n track that can cause this to start happening?
Would deleteing my config files and starting from scratch help an issue like this?

Thanks for any help/clues and I’m only home for lunch so forgive me if I don’t answer any further questions you might have for me until a few hours from now.

Did you also start using different headphones during vocal tracking?

Thanks for your reply. No, Same headphones, enclosed, volume low while recording.

IT sounds like you are checking the INPUTS for the PLAYBACK mixer. YOu need to check the INPUTS for the RECORDING mixer. You only have one option here, whereas in PLAYBACK you can check many options.

Open Windows MIXER and check the RECORDING properties, not the PLAYBACK.

Dave T2

Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned earlier, I believe my soundcard recording settings are correct. Of course I could be wrong. I’ve done two screen captures of my settings and posted them on this webpage:

Please check it out and tell me if there is another mixer setting I need to adjust. Also, the 1st track is recording onto the 2nd track even when I have the mic turned all the way down (via the mic’s preamp volume control) so it’s not headphone leak.

Maybe you need to tick the “what you hear” box in the second screen to show it’s record settings and make sure that the fader is at zero or muted…??

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and for your reply.
I did as you suggested and ‘what you hear’ is unselected and it’s volume fader is all the way down.

I’m going to do the ‘delete config files’ thing and then reset ntrack’s settings and see if that fixes it. I’ll be sure to post the results.

Problem resolved!
But I can’t really say it’s solved. I still am not sure what happened to create the problem of track bleed. Maybe I’ll just throw the situation into the “corrupted file” basket.

What I did was close ntrack, delete the two config files that are in this folder (on my computer):
C/documents and settings/james/application data/ntrack.
Then I restarted ntrack and did a quick sample “play back one track while recording to another” with no problem. Then I reset ntrack’s options to my liking (which didn’t seem to take nearly as long as I remember it taking initially).
I think I’ll be adding “reconfig” towards the top of my ntrack troubleshooting list.
Thanks to everyone that responded to my post and to all the other posts that I read and learn from, particularly the “reconfig” one!
I hope this short thread helps someone else out when they do a search for bleeding track, one track is recording sound from another track, etc. Thanks again,