track edit problem

no playback in cutout area

i have n-track 4.0.3 and i have a problem if i cut out a portion of a track (ie the first 30 seconds) and move the remaining portion of the track to the left (over the area that was cut out), there is no playback over the postion of the track that now lays over the cut out area (from 0 to 30 seconds). The playback meters are moving, but i am getting no sound. Once the playback gets to the end of the area that was cut (>30 sec), the sound starts up.

I don’t now whats going on.
Help and thanks
soundcard SB Audigy 2 zs

Ok this is pretty simple so I’ll give it a go.
To my knowlege whenever you cut or fade out an area, it’s just that area of the track not the actual wav. file.
So to fix your problem is easy, go to, >edit>insert blank track, > audio.
Now take your track and slide it into the new blank track.
You can get rid of the old track if need be.
In the future all you have to do is click the center edge of the track(there’s a little square) slide the edge over to the part you want it to start at, then slide the whole track over to the left. This will eliminate the 30 sec. or so you are trying to get rid of, without effecting the properties of the beginning of the track.

Hope that help,
and keep trackin’