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Hi, I am currently trying to put a song together in N-track studio, actually the first song I´ve done in N-track. I have a question though. I can´t find out how to make track effects on a specific part of the song only. For examle, let us say that I want an echo effect on the last chorus phrase, how do i do??, I hace tried to make a selection and do “apply effects to selection only” but it doesn´t work. The effect is on the whole track???????????????please help me


One way to do it is to add the effect to an Aux bus and then use the “send to aux” envelope drawing to send your track to the effect at just the points you want. (Click on the selection arrow next to the black triangle (top-middle of the toolbar)).

There are other ways, but this’ll work for “aux” effects. “Insert” effects are a bit different, but we’ll come back to that if need-be.



Ok, I’ve got 5 mins before I need to go to work…

With “insert” effects (ie ones you add to the track rather than an Aux, eg compressor), you can cut out the part of the track that you want to add the effect to out of the track and paste it in to a new one. So you’ll have one track for the “dry” part and one (probably shorter part) for the effected part.

(Hint: press left-shift while dragging the part and that stops it from sliding left or right on the timeline and getting out of time.)

Now, add the effect to the insert of the new track and adjust to taste.

When you play the song you should only get the effect where you want it.

When you are happy, send both parts to a new Group, and minimise the original tracks. Make volume changes etc to the group and that will mean you don’t have to keep tweaking the settings on two tracks.

I’ve typed this all fairly quickly and from memory (I’ve used this method loads of times but not for a few months) - hopefully it should be accurate!

Then there’s Effect Automation for those effects that support it but I’ve gotta go. Perhaps someone else can do that one for you.

Hope this helps


Thank you very much for your answere. I will try it now :).
This forum is really great, I´ts good to know that there is a lot of people who can help you out if you have some problems with N-Track. Thank you again.