Track EQ and Compressor

Where is the Preset box?

I used to have a box that allowed me to select Low Pass, High Pass and such - including a way to change it to flat.
In version 4.1 build 2099 (last build of version 4) there is no preset box showing on my program.
Did I turn off something somewhere? The presets are therre for the compressor, just not the EQ.
Is it just me?


I’ve never ru across presets for EQ in version 4.1. Dragging the 1st and last control points on the EQ curve of the parametric equalizer give low pass and high pass filters rather easily, and there is a by-pass for the equalizer. Setting the parametric EQ for low/high pass filtering is very quick. Was there a specific reason you wanted to use presets (e.g. uniformity)?


Thanks for the reply. I somehow remember the EQ have 5 different “presets” I don’t know when that went away, but turns out I miss it. The left and right nodes do work as hig and low pass but there doesn’t seem to be a way to return things to flat. Not a big deal I guess - just a nusance.

I think that clicking bypass has the same effect as setting to flat.


I’ve seen it too. In V5 (build 2135) there is actually a preset box, but “Flat EQ” is the only choice available. My old presets are not there, and I can’t figure out how to save new ones…

Open the EQ box then click the wrench icon. Choose “Show all EQ controls”. The presets and file open/save icons and all that stuff will appear.


Yep, now it’s back… :)

Thank you, that fixes it. I thought the “wrench” was the rewire symbol or something. How did it get turned off?
New manual for Ntrack would sure be nice.