Track Isolation Problem

Total mix shows up on one track

I am using an M-Audio Delta 1010LT Sound Card. Can I configure it so that, when recording a VST instrument, I can record the instrument on its own track without all other previously recorded sounds recording on the same track?

This happens because the VST Instrument plays on the soundcard’s output that all other previously recorded tracks are played; consequently, all sounds are recorded on one track - I run a cable from the output to the input to record the VST Instrument.

Also, will this soundcard allow me to connect the output to the appropriate input with its internal mixer rather than manually doing this when I am recording a VST Instrument? I’ve messed around with the Patchbay/Router with no success in attempting to do so.




I run a cable from the output to the input to record the VST Instrument.

This is not really the best way to do things. Sure you could patch internally and probably (???) avoid one set of D/A - A/D conversions, but you would be much better off recording the MIDI from your input device (keyboard?) and then routing that to the VSTi for playback. VSTis are automatically included in any mixdown so there is no need to leave the digital domain and you have a MIDI track of your performance should you wish to tweak/amend/change the sound/etc.

If you really want to continue working as you are you should be able (in n-track) to route the VSTi output to one of the card’s outputs that does not have the rest of the mix.


Thanks for the advice XonXoff. I am now able to automatically mix down VST Instruments.

Do you know if N-Track Drums is a Vst Instrument? I know it uses the VST Host but I can’t get it to record to MIDI. N-Track Drum’s internal Step’s Sequencer is very limited in length and would not be a good editor for a full length song.

Thanks again,

N track drums is a VST instrument, it replaces MIDI notes with wave samples, by this you can record the output directly into an audio track, something you cannot do (without a loop round device) with MIDI as the drums are created in the M $oft wavetable synth and cannot easily be re-routed to record back to the audio track, nor can you record MIDI back from N Drums -

for a better (still free) drum sequencer GOOGLE for DT 010 DRUM STATION by D-Lusion - has a good range of banks that can be set to play in any order - also look at their RUBBER DUCK, dont be put off by the name its a very good re-creation of the old Roland TB 303 bass synth -

Dr J