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new track labels

Can you change the name of a track? I am running android studio pro.
If so how?

There are a couple of ways to do this. On the far left of the wave form display there is a title box for the Track. Click on this. A bow opens to rename the display name. You can select to do this just for N_track or you can select to have the actual recordings track file name changed.
You can double click on the track wave form display and the properties bow will appear. You can rename the display

I should have noted: to change the name, click on the top part of the name in the left hand box.
You can also access the properties, where you can change the name, by clicking on the title box above the sliders in the mixer screen

Mc Joe, at the moment the track’s name cannot be manually changed on n-Track Studio for android, but the feature is scheduled for inclusion in a future update.

I’m not familiar with the Android version. The methods I mentioned work with the PC versions