Track limitation due to usb connectivity?

USB audio interface

Hi everybody: I’m looking for a USB audio/midi interface to use with my desktop PC. Surfing the web stores I’ve read a user review of M-Audio Fast Track Pro where he says that the only down side of the card is “the track limitation due to usb connectivity”. Does the USB power limit in any way the number of audio tracks u can record with n-track?

M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB - has two MIC/instrument inputs on the front so the maximum you can record is 2 mono or 1 stereo track at a time, as against a firewire unit which can record 8, 16 or 24 tracks (depending on type of unit) at one time -

Dr J

Dear DR Jackrabbit: I didn’t mean the number of tracks u can record simoultaneously, but what I’m asking is if the use of any USB powered card poses a limitation on the number of audio tracks u can record with n-track, as opossed to a pci card. I normally end up a song recording around 40 overdubbed tracks in one sng file with my old SBlaster Live 16 bit soundcard, I want to upgrade to 24 bit. Could I record such number of tracks with a USB card?

You can record TWO inputs simultaneously with Fast Track. You can play back as many as your PC and n-Track can handle through the stereo OUTPUT of the Fast Track. The stereo output from the PC and n-Track can be 1 track or 100 limited by your PC, use of plugins and n-Track.

It’s true USB bandwidth (especially USB1) will limit the amount of data you can send to/from the interface. Two channels in and two channels out pose no problems though. I use a Tascam US-122 sometimes and it works well.