Track panning not working in ASIO

This morning I sent Flavio the following message (I am using an E_MU 1616m sound board):

When using the ASIO driver the panning I have set for the various tracks does
not take affect.

When using the WDM driver the panning for the various tracks works great, but I
cannot record.

I can continue switching between the drivers: ASIO to record, WDM to adjust the
mix. However, I would really like to set the driver to either ASIO or WDM and
leave it.

Any help would be appreciated. Also, I will gladly supply any additional

I really like your Ntrack. Your product has turned a complicated process into an
intuitive process. I’ve had a software company for 25+ years and really
appreciate what you (and your team?) have done.

Thanks, again.


Please note: the ONLY change I’m making is switching the audio drivers between ASIO and WDM.

Sorry, I should have added the E-MU 1616m to the “Topic”, so I wouldn’t waste your time…

Check in PatchMix and make sure that the ASIO out (by default called ASIO Out 1/2 in PatchMix if I remember correctly) channel is panned correctly. The left and right pan knobs should be set to - and + 90 respectively.

Please keep in mind that I’m only changing the driver between ASIO and WDM and I’m not making any changes in PatchMix.

I’m at the office right now so I can’t check your suggestion, but I’ll double check it when I get home.



WDM is not affected by PatchMix. PatchMix is ASIO only. You would control WDM through the crummy little gray Windows app with those half dozen sliders for CD, Line, etc. that you get to through the control panel or little speaker icon in the system tray. As far as EMu and WDM goes, they put it in just to be nice. They never really intended WDM to be used for recording.


Please keep in mind that I’m only changing the driver between ASIO and WDM and I’m not making any changes in PatchMix.

… and that’s the give away. Check the ASIO strip in PatchMix and make sure the pan controls are hard left and hard right. Also, make sure you are monitoring the proper signal by checking the routing matrix “TV Screen” in PatchMix. You can have the phones and/or main out connected to the monitor buss which is controlled directly by PatchMix OR the signal from your host software. (n-Track) I have an EMU 1820M not a 1616 but I understand the PatchMix app is similar if not identical.

Also, I’ll check back here when I get home and have PatchMix in front of me. Much of what I wrote above is from memory and the ol’ grey matter ain’t what it used to be!


Bubbagump & Diogenes,

Thanks again for the input. It’ll be a little over an hour before I get home, but I’ll definitely explore your suggestions and let you know what I find…


Here ya go:

The two things to concern yourself with are circled. ASIO 1/2 Out is where you pan it. Then in the Output/Physical section, choose which outputs to monitor from. On my 1820M, output pair 4 L/R go to my speakers and then the headphones are the other thing I monitor with.

Also note (I forgot to circle this) the monitor master level section in the lower right corner. There are like 10 places you can do the same thing in PatchMix depending on what you want to route where.

Heh… great minds and all that jazz…

Here’s a second look… Just remember the columns on the screen there? One labeled MIX and the other MON? The MIX carries the signal as mixed with the PatchMix faders. This is cool for setting up a monitor mix for performers when multi-tracking. Most of the stuff I do though I just use the MON connection. Check out those pan controls and let us know…


PS I HIGHLY recommend reading up on and toying around with PatchMix. It is one heck of a powerful control/routing app. EMU did a good job on it IMO.

Ok, I definitely have a PatchMix problem. I was using a default configuration and it wasn’t working properly. I was able to do some experimenting and get the panning working, but I am having continuous Ntrack crashes and even BSODs while experimenting with PatchMix.

I’m going to keep trying, but this is a real head-ache. More imporantly - I need to get an email off to Flavio so he isn’t wasting his time on this…


Make absolutely certain you have the latest/great drives from EMU. (They are on version 1.81 or so now). The ones that ship with the cards on CD are old and buggy.

Ok, I was able to find a session and modify it to work. My problem appears to be solved. I really hadn’t spent much time experimenting with PatchMix and had assumed that one of their preset configurations would work. Wrong…

I thank you both for your helpful suggestions!!!


Hit the PatchMix manual as D mentioned. A really super powerful application that can save you a ton of time in setup if you learn how to work with it. I built from scratch a half dozen presets I use for various tasks. In 3 seconds flat I am ready to go for a drum session (not counting the hours of mic setup, drum tuning, and getting levels. :D )