Track recording over itself...

after a certain amount of time.

After fifty minutes of recording, a track will start to record over itself. Any ideas / solutions?

I have been recording hour long audio files for my work’s new training program, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. This started happening today, and before now hasn’t been a problem.

Hi holdenthefuries:
You gotta make sure you have XP as the desk… '98SE may not create files as large as you are producing. The drives should be formatted as NTFS and things TO-DO with XP as the operating system. '98SE and FAT 32 systems have limitations…

Things to keep in-mind

Mabey this might help…


hey bill,i have 98 se and i can record for over an hr or better,if that makes a diff,533 pross and small hard drive,no problem

I’m using XP and am still having issues. Thank you for the quick response though…

Could it possibly have something to do with rebuffering / resyncing?

Hi !

You don’t maybe have something like a ‘punch in recording loop’ set for a very long time ?


Shot in the dark, but worth a squiz.

From the manual:

4.6. Punch in / Multiple takes recording
The punch in recording dialog allows you to set the time at which the start and end of the recording will occur, and also specify the amount of time the introductory playback to perform before the actual recording begins.
• When the multiple takes option is checked, once the first recording is finished the program will restart the recording procedure again and will stop recording takes only when the user presses the stop button.
• This can be useful when recording a difficult solo and you need to try it a few times. Using this option allows you to play continuously without having to manually stop the recording, remove the bad recording and start again.
• If the ‘Add all takes when finished’ option is selected, the program will prompt you to select which of the recorded takes actually include in the song (with the option of deleting the discarded ones) once the stop button is pressed.
• Otherwise, if the ‘Add tracks as they are recorded’ option is selected, the program will add every take to the song as soon as it has finished recording it.