Track timing issue

I recorded a song with just guitar, vocals and bass. I saved everything to another directory to be safe. Later, for some reason the guitar track (which also unfortunately had the intro count ) got corrupted or accicdently erased or…

Anyway, no problem, I’ll just copy the saved track from the backup and all will be well. BUT, for some reason the track is much longer than the other 20 or so tracks that were added so there is no way to align it. Crap.

I think I can redo the guitar but it is going to be tricky. I’d like to know what caused this so maybe I can avoid it in the future.


how are you creating your “intro count”?

i would suggest creating some kind of “click track” and giving that it’s own track. then you have something to align everything else to (visually, mind you). i have not used the metronome feature of n-track, but i’d imagine that would work too. personally i like having a rendered click track so i can align things visually to the waveform.

Thanks for your reply but the wierd part of my problem is that the track I saved and the one that was in the mix - which sould have been identical - were not identical in length. somehow, the saved one dit not “fit” lenght wise so there was no way to line it up.

Probably doesn’t make any sense or I’m mistaken but this is what I experienced.

in n-track, it’s possible to trim the size/length of a track by grabbing the little nodes at the start and ends of a track and dragging it one way or the other.

is it possible that you grabbed one of these to make the track appear shorter? try grabbing the node at the end of the shorter track and try to expand it.

thanks for the reply. I haven’t responded because I gave up and thought I would try to re-record it.

I wasn’t awre that you could independently shorten the length of the track without cutting out content as you suggest.