Tracks adding together as I record them

I have n 3.3 and I am using a M-Audio 2496 sound card. This computer is NOT hooked up to the internet, it is a stand-alone DAW.
I was out of the recording biz for awhile but now I am back at it.

Things seem to be coming back to me with the exception that I can’t remember how to keep the tracks from adding together themselves.

I’m sure you can understand why I don’t want that. I’m sure it is just a setting somewhere.

Can someone help please?

Thank you in advance…

Disable live input button???? Just a guess…


I hate that button, (it freezes my computer)

I asked for the option to rid my GUI of it for good a few years ago…

I’d like to click and drag that thing off the edge of the page to no mans land never to return. :laugh:


Not sure what operating system you are on but this used to be a problem a while back and it was a Windows setting, not an n-track setting.

The cause was usually having the recording source (in Windows) set for “Wave out” or “What you hear” or some other similarly named setting (exact words depends on the soundcard).

To fix you have to pull up the Windows soundcard/mixer applet (try clicking on the volume control in the system tray down by the clock). Make sure you are looking at the recording mixer controls and set to “Line in” or whatever your soundcard calls it.

Hopefully that should sort you out.


Thank you all for your help. Whatever I did was a success. I think it was a combination of things. I’ve written down the “settings” to be able to refer to them later if this problem rears it’s head again.