tracks not in sync---I give up.

Hello, Posted this yesterday but didn’t see it…something went wrong. I have newest version of n-track, am trying to put together basic back-round tracks, having latency problems. Have read manual, fiddled with buffering settings, no success. Just want to plug in and play… Have windows defalt sound card (mme?) Is there a quick fix out there? Also can not hear myself through the computer, monitor buttons are enabled. Just another mystery. Thanks John.

A few things to try: Check to see is the LIVE button is clicked on the N_track menu bar. I don’t know what it should be named, but it is not necessary to record live - it will let you hear your track WITH effects and it adds latency, maybe a lot of latency.
MME is the oldest and slowest of the sound protacals. You may find that the only solution is a card made for audio recording - they have what amount to a Direct-out setting that will get almost zero latency. However, turn off LIVE and then try this: If you can use WDM or ASIO with your sound card use one of them. I prefer WDM because I can adjust the buffer settings to fit the situation and I can move between sound programs without closing (I use Sound Forge for some editing and I can open it right from N_Track and move between the programs with sound in each) ASIO is arguably the fastest, but the settings are preset by N_Track and you can only get sound from one program at a time. Many folks who prefer ASIO us ASIO4ALL a free program that has more adjustablility, but I find WDM just as good and less trouble for me.

Bax3, Thanks for the reply, LIVE button is off, either way is the same results, no sound while recording and delay between tracks. A friend offered a soundblaster card to me. Should I make a switch or try the wdm or asio. I have no idea which would work. Thanks, John.

yeah, don’t give up!
you could be at the beginning of a decade of decadence in computer based recording!

I would try the ASIO…if you don’t have it go get it ASIO4ALL…do a google search…
Other than that, there are all sorts of things that can cause latency issues, but without knowing what kinda system you are on (processor speed, RAM, O.S) we don’t have much to go on on our end…

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