Trailer Park Christmas

This ain’t no Bing Crosby song.

OK before you listen, I wrote this song early last month after a friend told me I should do a Christmas song. Well I’m not much for writing Happy songs about butterflies and kites flying in the sky, so this one is a little raw. This song was written with lots of wine and plenty of laughs with my friends.

And yes, I bought a mobile home across the street from my University, so I am representing; I am a poor student/musician/dreamer. It’s not your Bing Crosby style, but more like the Kinks. Everyone around here thinks it’s cool, and I hope you like it.

Trailer Park Christmas

It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas:O I am heading home to Arkansas for Christmas.

The vocals are a bit Dylan-esque.

Nice song. I like it. I think I might have shed a tear or two. :(


Thanks Sax, glad you liked it. Most people think it’s very suggestive, but that’s not to bad. A lot of people think my vocals sound like dylan, funny you said that.



Once again you have proven that you are truly god-like. If you are ever in Montego Bay Jamaica, let me know. I can introduce you to the hundreds (soon to be thousands) of beautiful girls that have become your fans down here…

I go to school with a few girls from Montego Bay, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Ahhhh, if I only had the cash to hang there for a while. Any of them fans rich and beautiful???