pc vs mac

several months ago, i was having issues with latency, black screen…etc
with the pc and n-track 6. something… for two months i couldn’t record anything…i’ve been an n-track/pc user for 9 years, and had recorded several cds using them (different computers of course!) i tried all of the suggestions from the forum, including replacing the hard drive, new os, new ram…etc…still nothing! well i use that computer for word processing and email now… I sold some stuff, and bought an Imac (24") screen…and used an old cubase program i had, but never loaded (SL3) 4 months now…not a single problem, the built in firewire worked right off the bat ( for the pc i went thru 3 before i found one that worked!) it’s taken me a bit of time to learn the mac and cubase, but i no longer pull my hair out, and actually enjoy recording again! Nothing against n-track, it did the job for many years, and i’m thankful for that! but now I have none of the hard/software conflicts on a daily basis that i had with the pc!
just thought i’d share that with you, something to think about…

I’d think about it but don’t really have time today - I’m tracking on my PC! Plus 2 acoustic tracks for a buddy that talks Southern-like, got 3 songs layed out to finish this week plus my paying editing gig on my PC.

Glad you found something that works for you though. really…
Post some tunes from that Mac!

Yeah, can’t say I have ever had problems directly related to the PC platform. To the specific DAW I was using, absolutely. I run upwards of 60 some tracks regularly on my PC plus VSTis. I am always curious when i hear these sort of stories as to what the REAL deal is as how can I be so lucky and others so hosed?

No comment… I’m in dutch around here already… :p