transfer songs to other pc

can’t load songs

I’m new to n-Track
I have a registered copy of n-Track Studio v4.0 and am using it to record church services on to hard disk. At the moment I am encountering a problem which is a big hindrance at the moment:

I cannot transfer song files nor wav files to my home computer in order to edit, convert to mp3 and finally save to CD
I get a message ‘Can’t open the file “New song_32l.wav”: select …etc

The name of the file is different from the name I saved the file under!

Whatever option I choose the file will not open.

I have tried to check settings and I have tried to use 2 different pcs but the same problem occurs.

Please can you help?

How are you transferring the sng and wav files?
Provided you have all of your files organised so they are all under a single directory can have sub directories under the main one) you should be able to just copy the main directory across to another PC.

If you don’t have them all organised to be able to do this then you can pack the file (make sure you don’t use any compression) and then copy the packed file across and then unpack it.


Hi cymro:
Check and make sure that the file attributes has “NO” “Check Mark” in the read only box when you right-click on the .wav file… That sometimes happens to the .wav file… when you transport files from one-DAW to another… Mabey, you’ve already checked that…


Thanks to Rick and Bill for suggestions
I copied one sng file to usb flash memory and tried to open using n-Track form there. So there was only one file and no directories.
The sng file has a check mark opposite ‘archive’.
I was wondering do I need to do a mix down and then save the wav file? I haven’t tried this yet.



In order to transfer a song and be able to open it in N-Track, you have to move all the original .wav and .midi files along with the .sng file. The sng file doesn’t contain the actual sounds – it just tells N-Track how to arrange and play the .wav files. If I read your last post correctly, it sounds like you only moved the .sng file.

The “Pack” function RichLum mentioned combines all the files associated with the song (sng, wav, midi, etc) into one file that can be transferred then restored on a new machine. Give that a try and see if it does the trick.

I hope this helps!


Thanks to all that have responded to my question. The situation is now resolved. Thanks a lot