transfering config files between PCs

halfway there -


having found that N genetates an XML file when it is closed, and opening the XML file in NOTEPAD showed that it contains details on (as far as i can see its a long file) every setting in N - so if N outputs this file can N input this info and change the settings on one PC to another ? -

i had my own N setup running on one PC (build 2311)- i upgraded N on my other PC to match opened N on default settings - then closed it -

i then transfered the XML file from on PC to another, if N could read the XML file the PC running default N should change to the other PCs setup - did it do it - NO -

so the XML is an output only file, ie N writes the file but cannot read it -

next stage -

i closed down the default N and transfered the following files from the other PC -


opened default N again and HO HO it changed to the settings of my other PC - WELL ALMOST - the layout changed to match the other but it remained on default skin - (this was expected) -

the only things that did not transfer where the VU meter behaviour and clip settings - BUT these are not remembered anyway, and have to be reset when upgrading - THIS HAS TO BE CORRECTED BY Flavio as they play a major part in the settings of some songs and should be remembered as part of Ns config file -

next stage - on my original setup PC i set up a song with Ns compressor bypassed, transfered song to other PC, opened song and compressor was bypassed - close song opened another compressor was not bypassed, so N got that right - so you can transfer configs between PCs but compared to transfer by by XML file it is very messey -

Flavio, HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT BEFORE N CAN READ AN XML FILE ? - it would open up a whole new range of possabilities for Ntrack users -

Dr J

UPDATE, having shut everything down i remembered that N does in deed read XML files as skins are in XML format, so i tried to import the config2.xml file in through skins import, well it read it OK, changed a couple of colours but thats all -

Dr J

I’ve read through both threads on this transfer config files thing and still can’t imagine it being all that useful. What WOULD be useful? If n-Track offered a choice at start-up, “Do you want to use A,B,C or D Audio/MIDI interface?” You select the appropriate interface and go. No futzing around in prefs. Really handy for users with more than one interface and especially great for laptop users.


YES thats another aspect discussed in other threads - if it was to be, then you may have to set N up manually once for each combination you wanted to use, (this for most users would be a one time operation), once the settings had been saved then a select option at startup would do what you wanr -

this would work if one N user wants to send their settings to another for a particular purpose IE, a member may say in this forum that they cannot get X to work, a member who has X working could send their working X config by XML to the other person - problem solved -

data from the XML fle - audio device last used is presented in plain text as below

USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX- 2

USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX- 3

USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX- 4


USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

MIDI device last used is by CLASS and OBJECT - i presume this is because Windows allocates MIDI a device ID and does not use manufacturers names for selection -

N refers to

which looks like a “C++ boost” lookup table that references the CLASS/OBJECT IDs and returns plain text to show device names in M - where is i have yet to find out, could be a Windows call -



Dr J

I was thinking
The hardware/settings select process might be
realized if you could install another instance
of N to a different folder. But when you install,
it’s going to delete your previous install.
I’m going to try to work on a .reg fudge to
see if I can get around that.

Hi Gents:

I think this feature would be especially interesting if n-Track users were to share projects between collaborators…

The other object to sharing n-Track’s config. settings is to see how different DAWs behave with someone’s config settings when they have issues regarding n-Track’s performance among users and their machines…
If the machine is running out of resources that’s fine…
but if n-Track is not config’d correctly that’s a different story…
Sharing config files might help users’s issues…
To some degree…

Having a "Config. Folder and the ability to access a choice in a drop-down menu On-the-Fly, so-to-speak, might be a nice option to have available…
if that wouldn’t work then to choose a config, file at Timeline/Launch - Time…
or something like that…

You see…
for me and when I was tracking I’d have one machine set-up for Tracking …
the machine I mix-and-edit with looks different as to it’s configuration settings…
Skins/Audio Cards/ and all of that stuff… However, it would have been nice to swap config settings, between machines, with little-or-no cafuffle…