Transfering files

from laptop to desk top

I’ve recorded a “stereo” drum track on my laptop and took the headphone out with a “y” cord going into my mackie board into channels 1 & 2. I have panned these channels hard left and right going into my desktop. The file comes out in mono even tho I’ve selected “stereo” in the channel settings box. Any ideas how to make the track a stereo track?

Best way would be to just copy onto a USB memory stick (or similar) and then transfer to desktop that way… re-recording via audio will lose a lot of the quality.


As Rich says, moving into the analogue domain then back into the digital domain again is a bad idea. Once you’re digital, stay there as long as possible.

In fact, if you can persuade your listeners to chop one ear off (thus giving a binary “ear/no-ear” hearing process), you can stay digital all the way to the brain! :;):


Are you sure it’s a stereo Y cord?

But these guys are right – move the file, don’t play back and re-record the audio. Connect the two machines by ethernet if you can. Otherwise, USM memory stick, external hard drive, lotsa other options.