Transferring wavs from a .sng file?


Hey folks. How are ye?

Got a question: How would I go about extracting the .wav file from an n-Track .sng file? I have a tune in n-Track, in the .sng format. I call up the session, and there’s the .wav file. But I can’t find it in a folder outside of the n-Track .sng icon- it’s only able to be accessed in the n-Track session.

I’d like to bring it into Cool Edit Pro for a bit of work… and if I use the “Wave Editor” feature, Cool Edit loads the file, and then fails to recognize it!

Maybe the real question is, what can I do to get CEP to recognize this .wav file from the n-Track .sng format?


Right click on the wav file in n-Track and go to Properties.

It will tell you the locatoin of the wav on your HDD


Hi Sloom and RichLum:
That .wav file is in a folder that is not the same as the .sng is… in… When you have the file on the Time-line go to settings/preferences and then to paths… IT should be listed in the “Working Directory”… To config this condition I “Click” the lower button in that area… It configs the path to place the Temp. and NEW wave files in the same working directory.

However, what works for some of us doesn’t work/apply to all of us…


Sloom, as others have pointed out the Wav is held separately to the sng file. (Usually, but not necessarily, in the same folder).

When you start a new n-track project it helps to create a folder for that project and to make sure all the files go there. Sometimes (on my system at least) n-track decides to save the files elsewhere (“My Documents” usually!), so I’ve turned on the “ask for wav file name” option or whatever it’s called. It also means my wav files then have a sensible name (Lead solo, Lead Vox 2 etc).

You could used the packed file format (with no compression) to get n-track to assemble all the bits of your song, then move to a new folder and unpack…



Info recieved, thank you guys.

I’m still just-past-halfway in the creation of the studio space, and the few things I’ve done lately have been in that sort of in-construction mode. Like when you’re looking for the toilet paper in the bays between the open wall-studs of the bathroom! I’ve started getting into some music work again though- my schedule is pretty sparse, so it takes a couple runs at it to keep everything in the same “folder” in my head!

Clever idea to pack and then unpack the sng in the new folder. Allright, I’ll get organized…