trash can speakers


So, I took one of those stick on speakers and stuck it on a 22 dollar trash can I got at Home Depot. It is a scream. Reasonably loud, too. I’m not sure that it is musically useful, however. And the thing is, the speakers can only be used once, so I now have a trash can speaker cab for ever.

Cool. Have you tried the balloon, magnet, coil speaker?


(Tony: nope. How would I do that?)

inflate balloon, wind cable around magnet many times, stick wound magnet to balloon, connect winding tails to amp.

Hi Gents:

I gotta say it…
That’s a shame to do that to a nice trash can…

What is it ????

We live in a throw-away world…

Will you be giving us a link to how they sound ?


Sounds like something the Trailer Park Boys
would like to get their hands on…

Don’t worry, Bill, I can take off the driver and use the trash can as a trash can. Not that that will happen any time soon. :laugh:

Dunno about those trailer park boys. :laugh:

Made me think of ‘Trashcan Sinatras’
(good song)

Trashcan Sinatras

If you shut the music off and hold one to your ear, you can hear the trash truck coming :laugh:

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Mar. 28 2010, 12:31 PM)

Made me think of 'Trashcan Sinatras'
(good song)

Trashcan Sinatras

Hi sevenOfeleven:

That track sounds pretty nice..

Those Trailer Park Boys is a knock off of typical young adults around here..
They are all done with school..
Don't want any collage or university training/studies, they want to live at home until they get booted out by their parents..
35-40 years..
They want to start off at the top and work downward..
They want everything life has to offer without paying any dues..
and have no idea that life is passing them by, and are on the fast track to social assistance..
well.... that's what they call it up here..
The neighbourhood is full of them.. well...

that's what I call it..

When the weather gets better they are around here all the time shooting scenes for the series.. These guys are right outta the neighbourhood..
They love picking over the Sally Ann dropoffs at 2:00am..
before they go on sale the next day :) ..

The Trailer Park Boys are a popular Cable TV Series..
at least over here..
Everyone watches it to see if they are extras on any of the shoots..

Quote: (Levi @ Mar. 28 2010, 2:48 PM)

If you shut the music off and hold one to your ear, you can hear the trash truck coming

Is that for real ????
I thought it was a Trash Truck Sample..
hehehe.. lol..

Don't get in front of that truck when they're haull'in that stuff away..


Your trash ain’t nuthing but cash. . .

nor behind it with your windows down :laugh:

One mans trash is another mans gold :agree: