Triggers and V Drums.

Triggers and V Drums.

Could use some ideas.

I am an old analog guy that has recently stepped up to the DAW world. I have studio 8, and have been able to find my way around for the most part. However, my old drum kit gave up the ghost. A nice feature that it had was an output for each pad so I just recorded each to its own track.

I replaced it with an Alesis Nitro which has a USB and midi output. Dude at the music store said to just use the pads to play a virtual drum kit to get the individual tracks, as well as the flexibility to customize the set and process/edit each track.

I think people do this all the time, but I am clueless in this area. Google is not my friend on this one. Any help would be much appreciated. Potential Pizza in the mix.


Hi Blister,
I have an electronic kit myself. Using it as a midi device to play samples, for example from BFD 3 can be done by setting the software to “learn” so as you tap the snare it will register to the sound you want (Sampled Snare on your DAW), and hopefully allow for 1-127 velocity samples.
Most of the drum software which support midi input should have this functionality. That being said, There is the question of lag and length of the USB cable to the DAW. Getting the DAW to record to individual tracks varies greatly from one software DAW to another. I have been successful with BFD3 to record to individual tracks but unfortunately not with n-Track and not to say n-Track is bad, it’s just n-Track has is own “very fine qualities” and BFD 3 isn’t one of them specifically when trying to record to individual tracks. Here’s a link that might help you understand the the complexities of BFD 3 to get a basic understanding of what it will take to accomplish what your trying to do. OR you could just do what most people do and that is record your drums to a single stereo track and go from there. Personally, I like to have full control over everything which can be daunting especially if you’ve never done it before, so I feel for you pal.

As a side note, n-Track is, in my opinion, is an outstanding DAW, feature rich, a great work flow and unsurpassed customer service. Like all DAW’s they all each have their own unique qualities so owning 2 or even 3 DAWS is not unheard of.

Here’s the link.


Hey Paco. Thank you for the great expatiation on that. The video was mind blowing, and not only was it informative, just saying hats off. You put a ton into figuring out how to do it, and also explaining it to others. Good Job Sir.

I was riding the fence on my next move, and this is a decision maker for me. I just need more tracks on my physical gear, and will upgrade from 16 to 32.
I am pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are getting compared to the old TAPE and DAT days.

I think I will take thin approach? Play the song over and over but unplug all of the pads excluding the one you are tracking. Like Take 1, Kick track one, Take 2 snare track 2 Etc. Then export the .wav files into a the DAW for processing.

A bit time consuming, yet simple. Or a decent stereo track could work to.
Kind of Ironic though. My first recorder was a 1970s 2 track 1/4" reel to reel. That was it. Simple. Cant compete these days with that Right? Lol Thanks again for the help Paco… Scott.