trimming 2 secs. silence at beginning?

couldn’t find in Wiki

Sorry to ask such a dumb question, but I couldn’t find this answer in the Wiki…

I have 2.6 seconds of silence at the beginning of my .SNG. How do I trim that out so the first sound starts right at or near 00:00 ?

I would leave it and then trim it after final mixdown in a wav editor.

Sometimes when you do a mixdown you can get a bit of a noise at the beginning (not sure if it’s a plugin or buffer issue…)


I’d like to pose a question from differnt angle. WQhat if I would like to add some silence at the start of the song?

You see, sometimes in the heat of the moment you strat a song without “one, two, three, hit” at the beginning.

I have sometimes made thet kind of launch count afterwards for the next players if there’s been enough space at the beginning, but in the worst scenario there wouldn’t be one.

Just highlight the number of bars you want to insert, click on Edit>Insert

You don’t need to actually highlight the bars, but doing so means you don’t have to worry about manually entering in the details when you choose the Insert option.