Trouble after updating N-track to N-track 4

Songs in which I use(d) Sample Tank

After trieing a lot of things (throw away the miditracks, put sample tank in the recycle bin) the following thing stays: with trieing to do something (recording, trie to playback, change something) in the song in which I use Sample Tank- ST- of have used ST, the programm throws me out en quits. The microsoft “mistake report” says: N-track.exe App.ver 3.1.00 Offset 00125a5f .
When I save the song under another name the song changes, all tracks are mixed and the song doesn’t make any sense anymore, and I miss some parts of some tracks. Songs in which I didn’t use ST still work good. I really hope somebody knows what to do with it because I don’t know how to solve it. Thanks Maria :)