Trouble in Paradise

can’t open files

Welp guys,

I don’t know what I did,
But I can’t mix down any songs.
It doesn’t matter where the file is located IE, desktop, my documents, ect. I keep getting the same prompt after starting mixdown. (Unable to open the file)
At first I though…maybe I accidentally changed the sampling frequency…cause the other day, I had an app (Roxi0) tell me the wav. files i riped off a disk needed to be changed to play them…Hope I didn’t screw somthin’ up there.
NO! not on this computer! this ones my baby!
I usually record in 48000. Soundblaster Emu/midi anolog card. I gig processor Windows98 SE.
Also somethihng strange happened at artistcollaboration the other day, using the WFT stransfer program.
Somehow, (my music) and all files in it, went to a (Local settings) folder, and I don’t know how to put them back!
But the wav. files on my desktop are stil there and they won’t mix down either…so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Any and all help would be appreciated since I got alot of people waiting for seps, over at CC, and I can’t mix down!