Trouble moving screens around...

Can’t get screens moved

Using Vista with N version 7.0.1 and having immense frustrations moving screens around, getting rid of them and then getting them back when I need them. Found nothing in the manual about this. If for example I have something that scrolls horizontally across the bottom of the screen, is there a way for me to move it so it scrolls vertically on one of the sides of the screen? Also, when I pull up the information area for a midi file, I sometimes can’t figure a way to get to the information at the bottom of the screen; there is no scroll bar. If it is in the manual and I missed it, if someone could give me a page number I’d appreciate it.

I’m not sure if Vista makes a difference or not. I will assume it doesn’t. Different featurers/modules respond differently. Mostly you can discover this by Right Clicking on the top bar ( title bar) of the feature and clicking the Allow Docking this window and to remove the check mark. Some modules, like the VU meters change when you expand them. Others only get larger (track EQ). The secret is the Allow dock feature, it changes the behavior of some modules. The easiest way to discover which woks how is to try the Right Click on sections and see what happens when you dock or undock. I hope whis helps,

I should have mentioned that a Right Click in the VU meter ( the green area that diplays the levels) give you menues.
Try right clicking on the different sectons and you will find some nice features/menues.

Yep - it’s good to play around and familiarise yourself with the screen layout but if you get into too much of a muddle you can restore n-T defaults in Settings/Pref’s.

You can also grab the meter, (the gray open space part) at the top depending on it’s orientation by left click/hold and drag them around.


Thanks All. I will get a look at this and try these solutions as soon as I can leave this damned job (probably never)…