Trouble using plugins with other DAWS

Please Help!

Hi, new user here with a problem. n-Track is looking into this but… whenever I try to load an n-Track plugin into Sonar or any other wave editor I get a flag stating the plugin is unregistered and cuts audio every 6 sec. Also says this will stop when n-Track is registered and activated. n-Track I$ registered and activated.

Using n-Track 8 Studio on Windows 10 64 bit.

P.S. How do I edit my own post? When I click on “EDIT” I get this:

“Sorry, you do not have permission to edit that message

You are currently logged in as soens”

Apparently after logging out and back in you lose editing privileges.

Soens, we’ve found an issue trying to use n-Track 8 plugins with other DAWs.
We’re currently working on the problem and we’ll release the fix in the next n-Track 8 build.


Thanks Andrea, that sounds great. Hopefully it’ll get sorted. Otherwise I don’t know what I may be doing wrong.

Is there a ballpark idea when the fix will be released?

Is there a registration code or something that could be entered?