Trouble with DMAN Midiman 2044 card

Trouble with DMAN Midiman 2044 card

Hi Folks – I’d like to know if any users of the DMAN Midiman 2044 sound card have had trouble using it with n-track. My issue is that I cannot get an input signal on inputs 3 and 4.

I had no trouble for years using n-Track with a standard stereo sound card, but after installing the DMAN Midiman 4-input card, inputs 3 & 4 can’t get a signal. There’s no trouble with inputs 1 & 2.

I’m using n-Track v3.1.2, 16-bit. For Preferences, I have my “Audio devices” WAVE devices set to “MME: DMAN2044 1/2 Record” and “MME: DMAN2044 3/4 Record.” I tried the “ASIO Driver for DMAN 2044” setting but it causes n-Track to go nutty with error messages, so I don’t use it. Perhaps I should use it if there’s a way to rectify the errors?

I’d very much appreciate advice from any others who’ve had and overcome this problem, or can recommend a test to ensure that my DMAN breakout box is functioning properly.



First things first: What OS are running? 95/98/XP ?

M-Audio does not have an XP compatible driver for that card.

Second: Did you also check the settings under the little “Hammer” icon on the recording Vu meter? You must have the input enabled there.

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TG, thanks. I’m running Win98, which is the last OS that supports the DMAN 2044 card, I believe. I don’t see any “hammer icon,” (except on the Mixdown dialog) but if you’re referring to the “rec->” menu, yes, that’s set to record by default. I have it set to “Record to a new track” on all four channels.

I can’t explain it, but I just turned off channels 3 & 4 via that menu and turned them on again, and now they are getting input signals! Anyway, you get the credit for the solution (^_^).

Now, if I can only figure out how to monitor through the card’s outs – nothing yet!

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Here’s the little hammer…

Thanks phoo. There is also a “hammer” (or hammers) on the recording Vu meter. Check 'em both for the proper settings to match your cards ins and outs.