Trouble with MIDI devices on Mac

MIDI input devices list is empty

Curious whether anyone has experienced this on a Mac and can offer help. I know my way around DAWs, MIDI, etc. going on 20 years, so I’m no slouch. However, I cannot get n-Track to see my MIDI devices, whether directly connected to my Mac or through my Focusrite Scarlett 18i6.

Contrasting experiences:

1. I launch n-Track Studio Pro, create a MIDI track, select a virtual instrument, touch any of my MIDI devices and hear nothing.

2. I go to n-Track>Preferences>MIDI>MIDI devices, and see that the MIDI input port list is empty. I close and relaunch n-Track several times to no avail.

3. For sanity check, I launch Ableton Live, drag any virtual instrument onto a MIDI track, touch any of my MIDI devices and hear sound. I can record MIDI, etc., no problem. I have not performed any MIDI configuration steps between the launch of Live and recording MIDI with it. It just works.

n-Track Studio Pro/iPad behaves perfectly. But so far on Mac it will not recognize my devices. I have verified that they’re all configured properly via Audio MIDI Setup.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


I’ve just checked this, a bug prevented the latest Mac versions from accessing physical MIDI devices. The issue should be fixed in build 3234 which will be online in a few minutes. Please let me know if you still see the issue with the new build.



Thanks! Downloading the beta now.