Trouble with Re-Wire / Waves Tune plugin

VST Plug-In not working

I am not able to add a Re-Wire connection for the Waves Tune plugin.
I’m running Windows 10, using a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface.
My other Waves plugins work fine.
I’m aware that live processing has to be activated in two places (recording VU meter settings and on the transport menu).
I go to add channel tab, then the add Rewire Device and finally when I try to activate Waves Rewire it shuts down n-track completely.
I get the little window saying n-Track has stopped working.
I am still running n-Track version 7.1.2. x64 build 3278.
I anyone has any advice, I’d certainly appreciate it.

Hi bluestech,

we’ve reproduced the crash trying to load the Waves Rewire channel on n-Track 7 64 bit, that however seems to work in n-Track 7 32 bit version.

The plug-in works properly in n-Track Studio 8 (both 32 and 64 bit), thanks to the changes that we’ve done regarding the ReWire devices handling.

Just some clarifications about the plug-in working:
- it works also without the Waves ReWire channel;
- the ReWire link is needed for the communication from the plug-in to n-Track; e.g. you can select a loop area in the plugin window and watch this selection also in the n-Track timeline; or you can change the playback start point from the plugin UI that will also change in n-Track, and so on.
In this document at page 3, the list of the actions that can be made from the plugin to n-Track:

Without the ReWire channel it isn’t possible to communicate these actions to n-Track, but the plugin can still be used to acquire and modify an audio track.

It also seems that there is a known bug in the Waves Tune plugin, that shows the message “ReWire link can not be estabilished; please check your settings” in the plugin UI. That message however doesn’t affect the correct behaviour of the plug-in.


Thank you very much for the information, Andrea.
I will download the 32 bit version for now but I suppose that gives me some incentive to purchase n-Track Studio 8.