trying out n-tracks

recorded tracks re-recording themselves

I have searched the forum for this problem which I am sure is somewhere, but can’t find it.

Why is my click track recording onto my scratch guitar, and then both of those record onto the scratch vocal, and on and on until I get everything piled up on one track?

My recording input is set to “aux in” on my cheap Santa Cruz sound card where I am running in a stereo jack from my mixer. I am using version 4.0.3


Hi asheville, and welcome to N.

Usually, when we see this problem, it’s because the recording input isn’t set right. But you mention you’ve looked at the Santa Cruz’s mixer, yes? Or does it use the Windows Volume Control?

There are 3 places you need to visit to configure N to work with your Santa Cruz; Audio Devices (within N’s Preferences, Playback VU, and Recording VU). See the first 2 tutorials HERE. Maybe they’ll help you find the problem.

Also, you’ll want to DL and install the latest build.


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Are you running output back into your mixer???
I would go straight to headphones from soundcard if you can.
You can also mute tracks.

Yes, that was it. I was trying to monitor thru my mixer, and didn’t realize it would send that input back out.