Trying to get hold of Flavio for book deal

I have a book coming out soon with an accompanying CDROM that will have trial versions of audio software. I was trying to contact Flavio to ask if I could include a trial version of N-Track 4.0. Does anybody know how I could contact him?
Dr. J. Michael Hester

Try here:

The README.TXT in the installation folder (version 4.03) begins with this text:

n-Track Studio: A digital multitrack recorder.
© 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Flavio Antonioli.
All rights reserved.
Shareware version. Freely distributable.

(emphasis mine)

So it appears you already have permission to redistribute the installer as part of the shareware license. Of course, if you’re just giving him a heads-up out of sheer courtesy, I can understand that…


Dr. Hester,

That is very cool of you to want to include a trial copy of n. I’m sure Flavio will be happy to oblidge. What is you book called/about? I might pick it up…