trying to record 16 tracks -Lengths not same

I am truing to record over 2 hours. The track 1 will be about 15 seconds longer than track 16. This seems to happen with ASIO, WDM or RT WAVE. I cannot set the buffers beyond the default. High buffer setting get a message that I have exceded tha max number of buffers.
What can I try to fix this?

Hi Bax.
Two hours - editing nightmare! Are the tracks recorded individually, one at a time? Do they line-up at the intro and then lose synch gradually over the length? Are any of them imported and possibly of other sample rates?

I should have given more information.
We are doing a concert, at least two hours.
There are 15 mics and about 5DI involved.
This is a reunion show and I am singing/performing in it, so I have to set up the recorder/computer and leave it to run.
Running Windows 7 664 bit operating system. I tried XP on my laptop and had this problem before I tried the desktop computer.

I have a Firewire MOTU 896Mk3 with a Presonus ADAT sending 8 more track for 16 total.
I have decided to drag my desktop computer ( I thought it would solve this problem) to the show - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor with 16 gigs of 1333 memory and a WDC ATA 500 gig 7200 drive for data seperate from the Operating system 7200 speed drive.
I have raised the MOTU sample size to 1024
and set N-Track buffers 512 samples, 2 buffers with Enable write buffering checked - it shows a Size 102400.
Of course, these setting are ignored when using ASIO.
DCP Latency checker show a Current Latency of 160 max.
I have tried N-Track 32 and 64 bit versions. Same Problem.
What am I doing Wrong??

I have recorded 16 tracks before and easyly mixed 36 tracks on this computer.

How large are the files, for example who big is just one track?

Max file size for a single file in WinXp, 32 or 64bit under FAT32. 4G


Thanks, but that ain’t it. The disks are formatee dto NTFS so that is not the problem. The complete size for the 16 tracsk at 24 bit is around 20 to 21 Gigs. Should not matter. I keep thinking it it something to do with the biuffers not able to keep up.

How do you have the two ADATs synced?

do you have the MK3 sync input driver as ADAT B, and the ADAT A input to Windows Word clock?

I don’t think it is buffer or lag/CPU related, that would effect ALL the tracks at the same time at the same amount of drift so you wouldn’t even notice when comparing the tracks.

far as I can tell you need to connect the two optical links between the two devices, that would be 4 optical cables to get the both to sync, and disconnect one of them from the firewire/usb etc. All that optical data should be able to flow from one device to the other then into the computer together, the slave device should find it’s timing from the optical signals.

dontcare :cool:

Thanks. I got the thing to sync - once. I’ll try again. I was using World Clock. I removed that and made the MOTU the sync to the Digimax using the ADAT. That is not really suppose to work - ADAT is suppose to work only in one direction (I have been told). However, the Digimax only has one ADAT line, and I have that connected to the MOTU in. The tracks now line up.
NEXT SITUATION: After about 2 hours of recording 16 tracks there is a split on all 16 tracks. The lengths before and after are the same. Why the split?
I wonder if it matters. I does mean I will have to mixdown each individual track.

that split sounds like the Windows wav file size limitation.

I think they fixed that in V6, at least I do remember Flav saying something a while back about it and putting a setting inside Ntrack to override it, it used to just stop recording at that point now it just looks like it automatically starts a new wav. file.

dontcare :cool:

Could be. I am using N-Track build 2914 66 for Windows 7 64bit. I wrote Flavio to see if it is a known issue. I am going to test again - here’s hoping!
Thanks fo the help.

Good going, guys.
Bax. Have you tried mixing-down an individual track to see if the splits cause an issue? I imagine, as dc mentioned, that it will play through them just fine, as it would with butted wavs in any situation.

No problems with the mix down. I did find that I have something that will introduce noise intot he tracks at about 20 sec intravals. It does not show up in the latency checker. I turned off the internet and the DVD r/w/ and the noise stopped.
I am going to try adding 8 more channels by intalling my Echo audio Layla 24 PCI unit. It has Adat in and out - so maybe I can get up to 24 tracks recorded at once without buying anoght piece of equipment.

Goodo. Just a nod but my echo mia is solid.

I was able to record the show successfully - no sync issue. there was an intermission so I sropped the recording after about an hour and 20 minutes and restarted - this avoided the windows size limitation.