Turning off built in compressor


I’m using my own plug ins for compression but it looks like the signal is still going through the built in compresor in n-racks…how do I turn the builkt in off?

Hi mcalldp:
I’m like you… This feature was added back in v4.x for guys who set and repeat tracks… It works like a charm for those who “Cookie Cut” tracks… as-it-were… However, to turn this stuff off, you may have to revert to default… and maybe re-install, n-Track… As, I don’t see where this stuff is turned off anywhere… I see these screens only at version up-date/install, time…

At the default and when n-Track is installed all these screens are on the n-Track desk… At this time there is options where these plug-ins can be removed from the mixer strips and you have a chioce of not allowing these standard plugins (like the n-Track Compressor/Limiter) to be installed on any of the mixer strips…

Maybe, there is someone who knows how to open this config box after-the-fact to re-config. this area of the strips… ? Anyone?


Click on the wrench/spanner icon in the compressor. Select “Remove Effect”, and then “Remove all Always On Effects”.


but first ya gotta click the lil box next to the eq buttons on the aux mixer strips,then you’ll find the wrench.

Sweet, thanks guys- I got it turned off :slight_smile:

Now I’ve got my volume up to -9 without clipping ha ha ha