Twitter anyone,

and all the other junk out there

I just found out that on Twitter, they limit your post to 140 characters, Poppa W, you’ld get by just fine with a rule like that, wouldn’t you? I’ve been lurking around MySpace and wondering, doesn’t it seem like a big city and you’re wandering down the sidewalk, kinda lost? I guess that makes this forum a small town, everybody knows your name, anyway, anybody else on MySpace?, I know Steve Duff has a site, Jeremy, Levi,

anybody have anything good to say about it? I been trying to think of somethin but I’ve just about had it with all the drama there…

no twitter. this is the only networking i do at all.

in small towns, everyone knows your business, too.

resident, molalla, oregon
rural/rodeo town
pop. 7,000

everyone is going to know my business, so i beat 'em to it. i announce it loud and annoying-like all the time, whether they want to hear it or not. problem solved.

Nah… None of that stuff… shrug

I limit myself to here, Reaper forums and Audiominds. That’s about it…


Hi Nix,
I recently made a post on twitter and to my supprise I got some followers. Spamers! lol And I found our own sweet Angie their! About my space and it’s big city like feel, yea that’s it’s appeal! I’m finding it fasanating! The more friends I get the more I’m diggin it! It’s just a cool collection of unique people. From big names to sweet grand folks. But you have to make an effort there. Everyday I try to set asided at least a half hr to request friends and after a few months it starts building up. And now supprisingly I get requests. Everyone on myspace want’s friends. I was looking at Alicia Keys the other day. She has 700,000 + friends! Everytime she uploads a picture or a new song all those 700,000 know about it. Or she can broadcast an announcement to them. It’s a big ars tool!
Twitter, I don’t know much about except I can safely say twitter is partly responsible for the new language and modified spelling :laugh: :agree: :p Spell like you talk!