Two cool free plugins


Bet you folks who pay more attention to what’s going on than I do already have these, but here are two freebies that struck me as being very very good:

The first is an EQ that simulates soft clipping of transistors:


The second is a multieffects plugin, that has been around for a while but was just updated:


Lemme know what y’all think of them. :)

posihfopit is still in progress, you can follow details here:

It is a great plug!


Thanks for those links, guys… Where have I been? How did I miss not seeing these plugs? ???


Hi Folks,

How do I install these plugins ? Should I telle the plugin install program to place it into the plugins directory of n-Track ? :D

Hi jp:
As I installed them… I just followed the prompts… till I colsed the install program… But, after that I went into programs FASoft n-Track Studio 4 and opened the VST Folder… Where I created a new folder that I called ? then I cut-and-pasted the new additions the the VST Folder in the newly named folder… Cause, I think you’ll find a Help file and an uninstall .exe that will be placed in there… for these plugs…

However other guys my do their installs differently…


Thanks Bill :D I have done it this way, and all is fine. Great plugs indead.

That 1310 Plug covers all the bases and even the Pipes on the sheet of ice…

The little bit that I played with that one is a Mind Melt… Do some Right-clicking around on it… It’s scary… ??? :O :laugh: