Two more sort of...


So, these two have something in common.

“We Got Candy Here”:


"Waiting For Your Call":

Chord progression? Harmonica? Tom Spademan?

Both good …slightly favour ‘We Got Candy Here’ cos I really like the rythmn guitar and the Keyboard sound.

Thanks Ian! If it’s OK to say so, I really liked that guitar sound. It’s a Ric full out. Sounds great live.

You play keys tom? Can you add some to kingbee?

Bruffie’s referring to my 3 finger organ technique.

Quote: (TomS @ Oct. 30 2009, 7:52 PM)

Bruffie's referring to my 3 finger organ technique.

Ah!.......An advanced student :)

I’m strictly a right thumb and forefinger guy myself.


Anyway, the two tracks are using the same drum tracks.

Meh. Not my cup of tea.

s’ok, neddie, not mine either. :)