Two Movies

The Incredibles and Ray

I got to see two movies this past weekend. Both were fantastic, for distinctly different reasons. These two should probably not be referred to in the same post, but oh well.

The first movie was “The Incredibles.” Don’t let it fool you - this is one of the finest “couple’s” movies in memory. It is written for people who have been married a while. It is wholesome, genuinely funny and was just a great, unexpected treat. It IS a little on the violent side, so the very squeamish might not want to bring the kindergarteners. It rated a PG for "cartoon violence."

The other movie is “Ray.” This is NOT a movie for kids, though my teens will be seeing it. The first word that comes to mind for this movie is Important. This is an important movie. It is not a pretty movie, nor is it fun. It lays out the life of the genius, complete with the demons. It is a raw revelation of exploitation, drug addiction, promiscuity and racism. It is also the raw revelation of staggering genius, courage, persistance and love. In spite of the difficult issues that the movie necessarily focuses on, it is done without preaching or romanticism. It is what it is, and what it is is extremely powerful.

I expect at least an Oscar nomination for Jamie Fox’s performance and the soundtrack. “Ray” is essential viewing for musicians, certainly, but it also brings a brutally honest focus on a period of American history that all of us need to understand.

My wife and I also saw “The Incredibles” this weekend. What a great movie! Pixar has really hit one out of the park, again. Funny, poinant and visually, a CGI masterpiece. Most enjoyable flick we’ve seen in some time. And the film short before the movie packs a heartwarming message as well.

Glad to see that both are getting good reviews. I’ve been waiting for The Incredibles especially.


I always like watching fat guys in tight red spandex…ooohhh baby!


I always like watching fat guys in tight red spandex....ooohhh baby!

This isn't going to lead on to Whitney Houston on the kitchen floor again is it? :(



I rented the Alamo this weekend. It was OK but I loved watching Billy Bob fake play the fiddle. I have lot’s of friends that play fiddle (I play mandolin) & it’s very hard to get the fiddle to sound as good is it did in the movie.

Hero was very visually impressive.