Two n-Track Drum Questions: Save Kit and Embed wav

I have two questions about n-Track drums (I’m on version 8, 64bit). First of all, I’ve pieced together kits by changing the wav file for each pad. How do I save the kit for use in other files? I clicked Save As in the Factory Kits sidebar and entered a name, but the new kit name doesn’t appear anywhere. I thought it might be under “Selected Kit,” but clicking that does nothing at all.

The second question is related: can I embed these drum sample wav files somehow, so that if I move this file around or change the directory where the drum wav files are that the n-Track song will still function? Otherwise, I have to retain the same directory structure and be careful never to move or rename anything so that the connection back to those files isn’t lost.



a customized n-Track Drums kit can be created in two way:

- select a kit, modify it, then click on the Save button in the kit section of the left sidebar. If you have modified a predefined kit, n-Track Drums will create a copy. Otherwise, if the modified kit is an User kit, it will be overwritten.

- select a kit, modify it, then click on the Save as button in the kit section (of the left sidebar) and type the kit name. n-Track Drums will create the new kit that will be listed in the “User” section.
You can check the folders where n-Track Drums searches for the kits by going to Menu->Preferences or Menu->“Show library folder”, in the n-Track Drums window. Please check that the “User library” folder is set.

If you load external samples in a kit and then you move the samples files or edit the file names, when you try to load the kit, n-Track Drums won’t find samples and will ask to you to restore the original samples position/name. You can do what n-Track Drums says or edit the kit, by changing the samples path in the “samplepath” window.


Thank you, Andrea, but I don’t see a User section under KIT. It just says, “Factory Kits,” then “Acoustic Acoustic” and “Electronic Boss.” Below that it says, “Download Sounds Library” and then nothing until the Save and other buttons. I have tried the Save As button, but after I type a name, nothing new appears. Any ideas?


we’ve tested n-Track Drums trying to save customized kits, and it seems that everything works properly.
We can try to investigate the issue via a live remote session. Please write to for details.