Two new songs - how to better mix vocals?

Hi everyone,!

Young Lust


Back In Black

Young Lust (Pink Floyd cover) has been mixed more thoroughly when it comes to vocals. I’m trying to put a bit of reverb, then using a copied track of the vocal (delayed a microsecond to the beat) with some echo added to the copied track. Any recommendations?

BTW, thanks in advance!

Hello, what microphones are you using?

I’m using a Oktava MK219 fed through a Rolls (Bellari) MP105 Tube Microphone Preamp. I’m plugging this into my soundcard on my machine (Nvidia Nforce2).

I also remixed everything a bit from other comments, but I want to get better. Please help!

I added Back In Black too!

When you say you have one track delayed “microseconds” is that figurative? I suggest that you experiment with 20 to 50 milliseconds of delay.

I’ve found as a rule of thumb that you can’t go too loud with vocals. A professional mix is deceptive because the mixing and mastering makes all the instruments very distinct and seem as loud as the vocals when they really aren’t. A good compression plug-in like Ozone and Endorphin can do wonders if you go back and boost the vocals a lot more.

The amount of reverb you use is one of these preference things. Some songs can go heavy with it and sound cool and others are much dryer and both styles sound fine, depending on what you like. You could probably add a little more reverb to the vocals on young lust and it wouldn’t hurt it.

BTW, liked the guitar tone on that song,especially the feedback on the intro. That was pretty slick. The vocalist sounds very good too!!

I’d go a lot louder with the vocals on Dilemma, that song seemed real guitar heavy (which isn’t bad if you’re the guitarist :D ). Is that one a cover?? I didn’t recognize it, but it’s a good song. Liked the harmony vocals.

The arrangement on Back in Black is cool. Again, the vocal seem very buried to me. Everything else sounded pretty good about the mix. Good stuff; thanks for sharing it.